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Think Globally - Act Locally!


We are able to provide Executive search services in Canada, USA and Mexico. We coordinate and manage the assignments with local partners who can provide the clients with their expertise in the local markets.


We apply a structured methodology, turning each project into a customized solution based on the needs of each individual client.


  •  Assignments can be placed in one country and undertaken in another
  •  Local best practice and international compatibility are maintained


 As a highly professional consultancy group we select the most appropriate methods in accordance with the position, and the client requirements. Our value advantage consists of the following:


  • Through understanding of client needs
  • Tailored confidential search to suit local cultures
  • Tailored advertised selection to suit the campaign: international, national or local.
  • Structured competency based interviews
  • High quality shortlists
  • In-depth assessments
  • Post recruitment follow-up


1. New Assignment - Launch (Weeks 1-3)


  • The most important part of the process is ensuring that the client requirements are clearly understood by the search consultant. At this stage, we will work collaboratively with you to discuss the organization and the specifics of the desired executive placement.
  • Our understanding of the specific requirements will allow us to develop a Position Profile. This document summarizes the client organization and the candidate position’s scope, as well as an outline of the ideal candidate’s competencies, work style and personality.


2. Candidate Development (Weeks 2-5)


  • Guided by the Position Profile, we will identify potential candidates for the search, leveraging our network of recruiting and consulting sources.
  • Our objective is to interview and critically evaluate the most promising candidates, thereby helping to expedite the hiring process by introducing you only to candidates who have a history of success.
  • We will communicate with you regularly throughout this process, sharing market feedback, search status updates and potential candidate profiles.


3. Streamlined Search Experience (Weeks 6-10)


  •  We work with you to identify a short list of highly skilled candidates.
  •  A client interview process is developed to tailored to the client’s schedule.
  • When a candidate is chosen, we can work with you to finalize the negotiation process and ultimately accelerate hiring and on-boarding.


4. Conclude the Executive Search (Weeks 10-12)


  • Development of a mutually beneficial arrangement based upon the executive candidate’s compensation history/experience.
  • We will stay in close communication with both sides to facilitate a smooth and timely transition and onboarding.


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